ROPS Lights LED Worklight Kits for Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

Kubota Z Series Mower

Kubota Z Series Mower

ROPS Lights LED worklight kits for Kubota Zero Turn mowers feature round, super-bright (4560 lumens each), rugged LED worklights in aluminum housings. The worklights are secured to the ROPS with heavy duty clamps custom-engineered for Kubota mowers and can be installed in several different configurations depending on your personal preference (inside or outside ROPS, on the side or on top).

ROPS Lights LED worklights can be easily rotated by hand so you can light up the front, rear, or both. The downward angles of the lights are adjustable to any angle. Each easy-to-install kit comes complete with worklights, heavy-duty clamps, all hardware, a switch box and wiring harness, tie-wraps, and very clear, easy-to-understand installation instructions, including large colour photographs. They take about 10 minutes to install!

ROPS Lights Kubota Triple LED Mower Worklight Kit

ROPS Lights Kubota Double LED Mower Worklight Kit

ROPS Lights Kubota Single LED Mower Worklight Kit