What Customers Are Saying About ROPS Lights

Front and Rear ROPS Lights

Front and Rear ROPS Lights LED Worklights

The following are actual customer comments exactly as customers have sent them.

“Thank you, I can see that your customer service and responsiveness is clearly what people have been raving about. Keep up the great work”

“John, I received your ROPS double lights kit earlier last week. I installed them this weekend and got a chance to test them last night. One is mounted looking forward and the other looking to the rear of the tractor. World of difference.”

“Wow!!! Please post this on you website…The most amazing customer service I have experienced!  Late on a Saturday, John responded to my inquiry, diagnosed the problem and sent replacement parts!!!  Sending all my friends to ROPSLights.com!!”

“Just wanted to let you know how impressed and delighted I am with your product.”

“Installed the lights yesterday and they work great, thanks John!”

“John, I am ordering a second set of double work lights. I installed the first set to the back on a new Kubota MX5800 yesterday. It was easy, and the light they put out was exactly what I was hoping for. Now I need a set for the front to replace the headlights, which don’t do much with a loader bucket in the way.  Thanks for providing a great product that exceeds expectations.”

“John, Got out to my tractor today and installed this kit. Very nice setup and really simple installation.  Thanks

“John, Thanks again!  I only wish that ALL businesses could take a lesson from you!  Hands down, you have the best product and best customer service I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with a lot of people and businesses!  Please post this on your testimonial page.  Everyone looking for your product needs to know that they need to look no further!  Thank you!”

Hi John, I received your product yesterday and put it on my Kubota BX 2370 this morning, they went on easy and they work really well. Great product and will recommend them to  anyone who is looking for ROPS lights.”

“After pricing several options that would have required me to spend more for less lumens and no wiring kit I believe that your kit is the best value on the market.”

“I think this is a great product and will recommend it to everyone I know.  My neighbor was very impressed with the amount of light this product puts out.  Thank you so much for building such a great product that was so easy to install!”

“My wife bought me a set of your ROPS lights for my Kubota L3301.  Very happy, easy install and great quality.  I’ve recommended you to all the people I know with compact tractors.”

“Got my lights today! I love them and it only took about 15 minutes to hook up!”

“John….    finally getting around to thanking you.   I ordered these lights and received them long before my tractor arrived.    My tractor finally came in and the dealer installed them in less than 5 minutes and was very impressed.   Plugged right in and the lights work great.   I haven’t seen them, yet and hope to be using them soon and often.Thanks for putting together a kit…     Happy New Year.”

“Couple of months ago I emailed you about your rops lighting.. For Christmas I got your product as a gift from my mother but my wife ordered it lol..Today I installed the lighting on my Kubota L3800 tractor.. Outstanding product! Those are some bright lights. Ill be sending future customers your way.”

“Morning.  Just wanted to send you an email thanking you for such a great product.  The lights are awesome.  Very bright and easy to install.  Thanks again.”

“Hello John, I received your product yesterday & put them on my Kubota B3200 this evening, they went on very well & work great. I will recommend your product to everyone I know. “

“Just wanted to pass along a kind thank you. I recently purchased your three light setup for a Kubota BX and it is working great. Your effort to take your skill and knowledge and translate it into something to help others is much appreciated. With the days getting shorter and winter coming, it’s nice to know that the tractor/snowblower will be able to work in the dark. Thanks John :-)”

“The lights arrived today.  Already installed and working.  I’m very pleased.  Thanks again!”

“Why can’t everything be this easy!!! I ordered two double led light kits and it shipped the next day. John reached out to me asap. I got the kit and everything I needed was there. VERY simple and took me about 15 min per set. OUTSTANDING!!! I will recommend to all my friends. IF you are wondering don’t anymore this is the kit for you!”

“Hi John!  The kit arrived today and I’ve already got it installed. Very nice! Looking forward to dark to aim them.  Awesome product, thank you!”

“Hi John,  Just wanted to let you know the kit for my 25bxd installed in 20 minutes.  The kit is well made and more importantly gives Great light coverage. Thanks again for a well thought out system .

“John, I received the lights today and installed them. They are awesome and very easy to install. I’m pleased they are metal housings and all ready wired and sealed. I’ll be ordering a set for my Kubota ZD221 soon. Thanks for a great product. I looked all over and did my homework and read all the reviews and you had the highest. I think you would sell even more if you advertised metal housings. You may have and I missed it but was a big seller for me. Thanks again and I’ll be back.”

“The installation went great and the lights are AWESOME! Thanks so much for a great product. Cant wait for winter and the chance to plow in “daylight”!

“Like you, i am a small business owner and want to take this opportunity to tell you how i respect the way you run your business. You personally stay on top of every detail of every order with every customer in a customized personal manner. This is also how i try to run my business. Some people call this “micro management” as if that is a negative term. As far as i am concerned, this is the ONLY way to run a small business. Anytime i have deviated from this plan , it has been a huge mistake with negative consequences. Be well.”

“The ROPS Light kit works great !!!!!! Now I can see where I am going !!!!”

“Thank you for the assistance with my order and for offering this great product.  I installed them this morning and it took me longer to figure out how I wanted them positioned on the ROPS than it took for the entire installation.  You have a great product and I plan on recommending you to anyone that needs this.”

“Del early, and lights are everything the supplier said they were. like ’em a lot”

“Hi John, lights arrived today. It took about 30 minutes to install and another 10 to secure the wires. Electrical connection was so easy! First rate product and delivery. I couldn’t be happier, thanks John!”

“The Best Tractor Lights Ever!!! AWESOME!!!”

“The best light kit ever! Super detailed instructions. AWESOME!”

“I can see why these lights were recommended to me, and I have recommended them to others.”

“Thank you for providing a product that was so easily customized to my tractor, it saved me tons of effort.”

“I will recommend your light kit to anyone I know who has a tractor. Thanks for the great service.”

“Excellent product- would order again. It is nice to have people like yourself to make great products”

“Given the price of the LED lamps elsewhere I thought that your kit offered a very good price”

“I have to tell you I was extremely impressed with your product. It arrived promptly and intact. It was an absolute breeze to install, took all of twenty minutes. The lights could light a stadium making night work so easy. I would recommend to anyone.”

“If he could read, a chimpanzee could install them”

“This was an overall great experience. The light (I bought one for back-up) worked great. I use it on the tractor specifically for plowing at night. I use it to illuminate the rear of the tractor so I don’t back into something.”

“The ROPS worklights are outstanding.”

“I am very happy with the lights.” 

“I absolutely love your ROPS Lights. probably the best thing I’ve bought for my tractor. Easy to hook up and install.”

“Extremely happy with lights. Install was easy as advertised. Price was reasonable with easy to understand instructions. Website was easy to follow and the install was a snap. I sent a couple of referrals your way. Thanks for a great product John.”

“Hi John. I’ve been very happy with the dual work lights for my Kubota M 5140. Easy install and quality is very good.”

“Your support and quick shipping are top notch. Would recommend them to anyone!”

“Great product”

“The lights light up my driveway very well and makes it easy to clean my snow at night!”

“I love the product.”


“Great, versatile set of lights.”

“Great buy, great quality, fast shipping.”

“John, Thanks for all the back and forth emails Superbowl weekend. Recieved lights Mon. a.m. installed Tuesday, quick and easy. Took longer to figure out where we wanted to mount them. Great product and service. Might order another set, one front and one back. Looks good on my Massie.”

“Hi John, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I’ve had several occasions to use the LED lights in the past few weeks in New Hampshire. The ease of installation was as advertised and the light output is fantastic.”

“WOW !!! Unreal , Fantastic ! THANKS”

“Exactly what I was looking for, great communication and fast shipping! Thanks!!”

“Very very fast shipping!!!!!!!!!! Very bright lights!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!”

“Wonderful to deal with and great lights.”


“I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how extremely pleased I am with your lights for my kubota. You did an excellent job with the design and ease of installation. Thanks for a great product. I am more than pleased!!!”

“John, Quick and easy installation, absolutely love the lights. Plugged into the factory harness,  I highly recommend to anyone thinking about buying ROPS Lights. Very satisfied!”

“Hello! I received my worklight kit and had to comment on the quality of this item! It far surpassed my expectations in everyway! Please feel free to post this wherever you would like. Great job!”

“These have to be the best and easiest light kits to install.  I just installed them on my Kubota bx2660 and they are great.  Easy installation (took about 15 minutes) and they put out a bunch of soft lighting that is not blinding.  ANY IDIOT CAN DO IT (I’m proof of that).  Don’t hesitate, buy you a kit, you won’t regret it”

“I’m very pleased with the kit.  You do nice work!”

“Hey john I just want to tell you I hooked up my lights and am extremely happy. I want to order another set, I know they’re easy to position forward or reverse but I want another set so I can have both. I will be buying soon”

“great people to deal with A++++ “

“Really nice item-Looks like a super easy install-Thanks”

“Awesome product-fast shipping great seller A+”

“Awesome Experience!!!! Five Stars Super fast shipping and Item was perfect!”

“As described! A+”

“Great lights Fast ship”

“A ++++ Prompt shipping. Well Packaged. Exactly as described! Thanks! “

Honest Seller – Professional service and fast shipping – AAAA+ All the way!,,

Excellent-very easy installation

Excellent lights prewired with easy to follow install instructions. A+++++